Dec 02, 2019

Product Update - November 2019


OneDrive integration, improved external link tooltips, and more! Learn everything about the most recent features and enhancements that make Nuclino even better.

OneDrive integration

Many teams use OneDrive to store and share files and documents. If you are one of them, linking to OneDrive files from Nuclino will be much easier from now on. No more having to deal with long and ugly links or having to manually edit the anchor text – simply paste a link to a OneDrive file and Nuclino will automatically fetch its title.

This integration needs to be enabled by each user individually by following the steps in our Help Center.


Improved external link tooltips

It's often the little things that define the whole experience, which is why we always want to get them just right.

This time, we wanted to improve the external link behavior adding favicons to the link tooltip, so you can immediately see which site you are linking to.


More enhancements and fixes

  • Pasting a link inside an empty paragraph in a list will no longer create an embed.

  • Users with read-only access can no longer access the table menu.

  • An embedded Google Sheets spreadsheet now displays the active sheet (referenced in the pasted link) by default.

  • Pressing Undo (Ctrl/Cmd + Z) after pasting and embedding a link will now undo the embedding.

  • Code blocks can now use Kotlin syntax highlighting.

  • Copying and pasting text from PowerPoint will no longer paste it as an image.

  • Nuclino will no longer crash when using Google Chrome translation.