Jul 31, 2019

Product Update - July 2019


Image grids, image comments, Google Maps embeds, and more! Learn everything about the most recent features and enhancements that make Nuclino even better.


Image grids

We aim to make the editing experience in Nuclino feel as easy and effortless as arranging building blocks – and this month we took it a step further.

Each image now works like a Lego piece that can be picked up and placed anywhere you want. Want to create a mood board? Compare images side by side? Or simply arrange them in a more compact way? Simply drag and drop the images next to each other and they will automatically form a grid!


Image comments

You can now comment directly on an image. Simply right-click on an image, select Comment from the menu, and leave your comment. As with other comments in Nuclino, you can link to other items and @-mention your team members to get their attention.

Images with unresolved comments are highlighted with a yellow frame so you can easily find them.


Improved image upload experience

It's often the little things that define the whole experience, and we want to get them just right – which, this time, meant enhancing the image upload experience.

Now, when you are uploading a large image, Nuclino will instantly generate a placeholder preview so you can see your image immediately, without having to wait for the upload to finish.


Google Maps embedding

Finally, breaking away from the theme of image-related improvements, we have released an update that allows you to easily embed Google Maps into Nuclino. Simply paste the link to a Google Map into an empty paragraph in an item and the map will be embedded automatically.


  • Code syntax highlighting now also works in publicly shared Nuclino items.

  • You can now toggle multiple todo items at once by selecting them and using the Ctrl/Cmd+Space keyboard shortcut.

  • Unsent comments and replies are saved even if you close them, so you can come back and send them later.

  • Nuclino can now be installed via Homebrew on macOS: brew cask install nuclino

  • The Single Sign-On (SSO) settings have been redesigned to make the configuration easier.