Jun 05, 2024

New in Nuclino: SharePoint integration, Canvas connection text, and more


Since our last update, we've carefully reviewed your feedback and implemented several popular requests, including an integration with SharePoint and OneDrive for Business, text for Canvas connections, an integration with FigJam, and more.

Here's a recap of all the new features and enhancements you may have missed.

Integration with SharePoint and OneDrive for Business

Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive for Business are the go-to file management systems for many organizations. If yours is one of them, you will now be able to seamlessly embed your files in Nuclino!

Whether it’s an Excel spreadsheet, PowerPoint presentation, Word document, or Visio diagram – paste the file link in an empty line and it will embed automatically.


This newest addition further expands our integration with Microsoft 365, which already allows you to connect Nuclino with Microsoft Teams, enable access to Nuclino via Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure AD), and more.

Text for Canvas connections

It's now possible to add text to the lines connecting objects on a canvas. This is a great way to add context and clarity to the relations between the different objects.

To add text to a connection, right-click it and select Add text from the menu – or simply double-click it.


Integration with FigJam

We have expanded our integration with Figma! Now, in addition to Figma designs, you can embed your FigJam boards in any Nuclino item – just paste a shared link in an empty line.


Other small but impactful changes

It's often the details that define the entire experience. Here are some of the improvements we've released since our last update:

  • We've made the "Most active readers" metric more accurate in the team insights.

  • It's now possible to quickly change the color of all selected sticky notes on a canvas at the same time.

  • You can now more easily move an object on a canvas after editing it.

  • We've improved the scrolling behavior when using inline search.

  • Now you can add multiple options at once to the "Select" field type by pasting them separated by a comma, semicolon, or new line.

  • We've improved the table context menu in Safari.