Nov 30, 2016

New in Nuclino: Redesigned collections, profile pictures, and more


In the last few weeks, we focused mainly on improving the collections experience and making Nuclino more social through user profile pictures! Also have a look at page pinning and CodePen embeds. We hope you like it :)

Redesigned collections experience

The whole collections experience has been overhauled and it is now possible to move pages between collections using drag and drop.


Profile pictures

It is finally possible to upload a user profile picture which will be seen by all other team members.

CodePen embeds

Pasting a CodePen link into an empty paragraph will directly embed the CodePen on the Nuclino page (just like with YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, or Vimeo links). For example, you can get feedback an an interactive design idea.

Pinned pages

Pinning a page to the top of a team feed helps you keep important information always visible.