Oct 31, 2016

New in Nuclino: Public pages, bulk invites, and more

In the last few weeks we delivered some key features which many of you asked for! We've also been working on some major improvements which are not ready for prime time yet, but you'll here more on that in a future update ;)

Public pages

Finally you can share pages with users who are not in your Nuclino team or don't have an account.

You'll find the option to share a page in the top-right menu of every page.

Just copy and paste the link and send it to anybody you'd like to share the page with. They will be able to view the page without being able to edit it.

After sharing the link with other people, you can still control access to the page, simply by turning sharing off or back on again.

Bulk team member invites

It is now possible to invite multiple people to your team at once. You can separate the email addresses using commas, semicolons, or spaces.

Title in page URLs

Linking to Nuclino pages from other products like Trello or Slack works much better now as the page title is now part of the page URL.