Feb 01, 2019

New in Nuclino: Performance improvements, billing history, and more


Performance improvements

Faster search

You can now search up to 5x faster! Writing something inside the search bar and pressing Enter allows you to search across all workspaces you've joined, including the content of all items. For large teams with many items and workspaces, it could take several seconds for the results to appear. A recent performance improvement sped things up considerably.

Faster image upload

Whenever you upload an image to Nuclino, we optimize it in the background to make sure it loads as fast as possible on all your devices. With the recent performance improvement, we were able to make this optimization much faster, leading to an overall faster upload experience.

Billing history

You can now easily view and download all of your past invoices by accessing the billing history.


Open your team settings, navigate to the Plans & Billing section, and click on Show Billing History to download the invoices in the PDF format.


Other small but impactful changes

Improved list editing experience

We have implemented various improvements and fixes to the list editing experience. Copying, cutting, pasting, indenting, and unindenting list items should now be a lot more frictionless. Copying/cutting and pasting a task marked as done will no longer remove the check from the checkbox.

bullet list edititng

Other enhancements

  • You can now update your account password via your user profile.

  • The @-menu now shows all results in a scrollable list.

  • If you send a link to an item to a user who is logged out of Nuclino, he will now be automatically redirected to the item after logging in.