Oct 01, 2017

New in Nuclino: Nested collections, version history, and more

Nested collections with drag and drop support

We're excited to release this feature as it's been one of our most requested ones. You can now create collections within collections. All the collections and items can be reordered via drag and drop.



Note: Versioning is available in our basic and premium plan.

You can now restore previous versions of an item. This helps you undo unwanted, accidental, or unauthorized changes. We automatically save versions while you're working.

To use this feature, simply choose View history from the menu in the top right of any item. You can then use the slider to view and restore previous versions by dragging it and clicking on the Restore button.


More powerful read-only support

Note: Read-only support is available in our basic and premium plan.

Access rights management features like read-only support help you prevent accidental or unauthorized changes to your content. Previously, it was only possible to restrict editing in private workspaces, now it's also available in public workspaces.

Additionally, it's now possible to set a default access level for each workspace. You can do this in the create dialog or in the workspace settings. There are two levels:

  • Full access: Members can read and edit by default

  • Read-only: Members can only read by default


You can use the workspace settings to define who is allowed to edit. There is a toggle next to each member to set the access level:


Other small but impactful changes

  • You can now rename the "General" workspace in the workspace settings

  • Opening a workspace will now automatically select the first pinned item

  • There is now a single combined create button to create both items and collections

  • A click on the Nuclino logo in the top left corner gives you a quick and easy way to go back to the first item in a workspace

  • You can now see if a notification is read or unread

  • Even faster search

  • Faster switching between views

  • Slimmer scrollbars in Chrome

  • Improved editing of tables