Sep 28, 2018

New in Nuclino: Mobile app, new integrations, and more


Android and iOS app launch, Figma and Prezi integrations, resizable sidebar, and more: Learn everything about the most recent features and enhancements that make Nuclino even better.

Mobile app launch

By popular demand, we have taken Nuclino mobile! With our newly launched mobile app, available on both Android and iOS, you can now effortlessly access your team's knowledge base on the go. Download it for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

New integrations

Figma integration

You can now easily embed your Figma designs and prototypes in Nuclino by copying a public Figma link and pasting it in the editor of any Nuclino item. This app is enabled by default for everyone and does not require configuration. Learn more about the Figma integration in our Help Center: Embed designs from Figma.

Prezi integration

Love Prezi? Your presentations can now be easily embedded in any of your Nuclino items by simply copying and pasting a presentation view link. Learn more about the Prezi integration in our Help Center: Embed presentations from Prezi.

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Reorder list items using drag-and-drop

Easily rearrange your lists by simple dragging and dropping the list items, without having to copy-paste anything.

Nuclino-drag-drop (1)

Resizable sidebar

You now have control over the size of your sidebar. Just hover over the edge of the sidebar and start dragging. Dragging it all the way to the left will reveal the automatic outline of your Nuclino item.

Nuclino resizable sidebar

Other small but impactful changes

  • If several team members have the same first name, Nuclino now automatically appends the first letter of the last name or uses the full name for mentions and notifications.

  • When you are mentioned in an item, clicking on the notification will scroll the item automatically and take you directly to the mention.

  • The image selection experience has been improved to make authoring content easier. A single click now selects an image, a double click opens it.

  • The same notification will no longer be shown multiple times if Nuclino is running in several tabs.

  • Items that are opened on mobile devices now take up more screen estate to display more content.

  • Dragging and dropping an image no longer duplicates it in certain situations.

  • The back button behavior is now more intuitive. For example, modal windows and sidebars can be closed by using the back button.

  • Internal links now behave like normal links when right-clicking or using the middle mouse button.

  • Toggling tasks on mobile no longer opens the keyboard.