Apr 30, 2019

New in Nuclino: Improved version history, better search, and more


Improved version history

The version history in Nuclino now shows the timestamps and attributions for all edits made from April 23 onward.

  • Newly added content will now be highlighted in green.

  • Deleted content will be highlighted in red with a strikethrough.

  • Hovering over a highlighted change will show who made the change and when.

  • Hovering over a snapshot on the version history slider will show the date of the version.


Improved search

Whether you are using the desktop app or accessing Nuclino in your browser, you can now easily search inside an item using the Ctrl/Cmd+F shortcut.


Permanent deletion of items and collections

Items and collections that have been moved to the trash can now be permanently deleted – either one by one or by emptying the trash all at once.