Jul 12, 2022

New in Nuclino: Improved tables, inline dates, and more


Improved tables

By popular demand, tables in Nuclino got an upgrade! Now you can add a header row and automatically sort the data in your table by date, numerical value, or alphabetically. Selecting and formatting the content inside a table also got easier.


Inline dates

Having to type dates manually can be a hassle and often results in inconsistent date formats across your docs. Not anymore — now, in addition to the date field that can be added on the item level, you can just as easily add inline dates to the item content by typing /date.


Expanded template gallery

Did you know that Nuclino can be used to track issues or manage your hiring pipeline?

Nuclino is a highly versatile tool that can be adapted to many workflows. To give you more ideas for what you can do in Nuclino, we have doubled the number of templates in our gallery. In addition to the item templates, now you can also import entire workspaces into your team, skipping the manual setup and jumping right in.


Custom context menu

Need to archive an item? Duplicate a workspace? Clear a notification? From now on, you can do all that and more using the new context menu — simply right-click any element to interact with it.


Other small but impactful changes

It's often the details that define the entire experience. Here are some of the improvements we've released since our last update:

  • We improved the way block equations get rendered.

  • We improved the handling of logged out sessions across tabs.