May 02, 2018

New in Nuclino: Improved clusters, and more


Improved cluster experience

Clusters provide a great way to group similar items in Nuclino. For example, if you create items for meeting notes, you can group all of them in a meeting notes cluster.

Based on your feedback, we released several enhancements to make working with clusters easier, faster, and more flexible. This includes:

  • Clusters can now be selected to show a list of all contained sub-clusters and items

  • You can now link to clusters via the @ menu

  • You can now mix the order of clusters and items, providing you more flexibility on how to structure your knowledge base

  • Sub-clusters are now shown in the board view

  • Clusters can now be selected in the graph view

  • Archiving, deleting, or restoring clusters now retains the cluster hierarchy

  • Clusters can now be moved across workspaces

  • Clusters are now included as part of the workspace export

Other small but impactful changes

  • Task lists are now correctly formatted when imported or pasted as Markdown.

  • The title of the currently viewed item is now displayed in the browser tab (Web version) and window title (Windows/MacOS/Linux desktop app).

  • It's now possible to delete images via the context menu. To delete an image, right-click on it and choose "Delete image".

  • Smoother scrolling in the editor when using Nuclino on iOS.

  • Updated Evernote import.

  • We've added a full-text search to our Help Center, making it easier to find helpful articles to learn more about Nuclino.