Oct 25, 2018

New in Nuclino: Easier role assignment, SSO enforcement, and more

Assigning roles when adding workspace members

You can now choose whether to assign the editor role to new members you add to a workspace. After selecting the team members you'd like to add, click on the toggle Can Edit to assign the workspace editor or workspace reader role to them.


SSO enforcement

You can now enforce single sign-on (SSO) in your team. This will make it mandatory for all team members to log in via SSO. After you have enabled this option, all team members who have not linked their accounts to SSO yet receive an email, prompting them to link their accounts within 3 days.

To learn more about enforcing SSO in your team, visit our Help Center: Enforce single sign-on (SSO).

Adding sub-collections to multiple collections

You can now add the same sub-collection to multiple other collections, essentially using collections as tags. When you have content that is related to several overlapping topics, using this feature would make it more easily discoverable.


For example, if you keep the notes from your marketing team meetings in a collection called "Marketing Meeting Notes", you might want to add it to your general "Meeting Notes" collection, which contains all of your company's meeting notes, as well as your "Marketing" collection, which contains all of your marketing-related content. This way, you can navigate your content in a more intuitive way and easily find the information you need.

Other small but impactful changes

  • Markdown commands will now immediately apply inline styles without requiring a space after the command.

  • Pasting base64 encoded images into an item now converts them into file uploads.

  • We have improved the back button behavior in certain edge cases.