Jan 25, 2022

Introducing the Nuclino API


Nuclino provides a lot of functionality out of the box. But modern collaboration workflows are interconnected and complex, and many teams have unique needs. Empowering you to seamlessly integrate Nuclino into your team's existing tools and processes has always been one of our top priorities.

Today, after weeks of head-down development and testing, we are happy to announce the next major step in making this possible — the launch of the Nuclino API, now in public preview!

What can you build with the Nuclino API?

The Nuclino API lets you build a variety of applications and scripts to integrate Nuclino with your existing systems and automate common tasks, creating your own custom workflows to better fit your specific business needs.

Here are some examples of the things you can do:

  • Pull content from Nuclino and push it to an external system

  • Create, update, or delete content in Nuclino based on external events

  • Search your Nuclino content directly from another app

Just like with the Nuclino app, we wanted to make the API as easy-to-use as possible. If you know Markdown, you already know how to create and format content via the API. Creating a new and fully formatted item in a workspace can be as easy as pushing Markdown content to the items endpoint.

The API is available to everyone with a Nuclino account. Check out our API Docs to get started!

Give it a try and tell us what you think

This preview is just the beginning — we'll continue extending and improving the API based on your feedback to better support your use cases. If you have any feature requests or run into any bugs, please contact us to let us know!

Thanks again to everyone who contributed feedback so far and waited patiently for the API to become available. We can’t wait to see what you create!