May 03, 2016

Formatting Guide

Desktop Large.

The Nuclino editor supports a set of markdown commands, providing a quick and easy way to format text using your keyboard. The commands are triggered when typed at the beginning of an empty line and followed by a space.


Large header (H1)

‘#’ + Space

Medium header (H2)

‘##’ + Space

Small header (H3)

‘###’ + Space

To change back to paragraph style, select the header and press Ctrl+Shift+0.

To quickly switch the header style afterwards, select the header and press Ctrl+Shift+1 or 2 or 3 respectively.


Bullet Lists

  • - (dash) or + (plus) or * (star) + Space

  • Hitting enter will continue the list.

    • Press Tab to indent a bullet point.

  • Press Shift+Tab to unindent a bullet point.

  • Press Ctrl+Shift+8 to turn one or more paragraphs into a bullet list.

Numbered Lists

  1. 1. or 2. or 3. etc. + Space

  2. Press Ctrl+Shift+9 to turn one or more paragraphs into a numbered list.


  • [] or [x] ([ ] and [X] work the same way) + Space

  • To Do

  • You can check a task by clicking on the box or by pressing Ctrl+Space

  • Done

Internal Links

@ + page title (suggestions are shown)


To link to a suggested page, click on it or press Tab to choose the first suggestion.

External Links

Website Links

Paste any website link into Nuclino and it will be automatically shown as a clickable link. You can edit the name by clicking into the blue link:


Videos and Sounds

If you paste a link from YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud or Spotify, you will be able to watch the video or listen to the sound straight away.

Images and Files

Press the '+' button on the left of each row which you are currently active in. Images will be automatically displayed, while files will only display their name. You can download the files by clicking on them.


Horizontal Rule

'---' (Three dashes on their own line)

Inline Elements

Bold: Select the text you want to format, then press Ctrl+B

Italic: Select the text you want to format, then press Ctrl+I

Code: Select the text you want to format, then press Ctrl+`

Tooltip Menu


Editor Help

You can always display a list of the main keyboard shortcuts when clicking on the ‘?’ in the upper right corner of the omnibar and choosing 'Editor Help'.


Other Shortcuts

Copy: Select the text you want to copy, then press Ctrl+C

Cut: Select the text you want to cut, then press Ctrl+X

Paste: Go into the line you want to paste the copied/cut text to, then press Ctrl+V

Undo: If you want to undo the last step, press Ctrl+Z

Redo: If you want to redo the last step, press Ctrl+Y

Jump to Omnibar: If you want to go from the editor to the Omnibar, press ESC

Create Page: Type the title of the page into the Omnibar, then press Shift+Enter

Switch Team: If you want to switch the team you are currently in, press Ctrl+K